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5:30-6:30 pm - Dinner (reservations required; $6/adult, $3/children 10 and under)

6:15-7:30 pm - Refuge for Middle and High School

6:30-7:30 pm - Pioneer Clubs (ages 3 - Fifth Grade)

6:30-7:30 - Adult Programs (see Faith Press for Adult Study info)

Bruce Reynolds

returns to Faith Connection

for a 6-week series entitled:

Speak For Yourself

What Jesus says about Jesus

Regardless of what is going on in society, there is never a shortage of comments and opinions about Jesus. People from all walks of life, believers and non-believers all seem to have something to say about Jesus and who He is and is not! Though each opinion is well intentioned, that and 99 cents will get you French fries. However, are there definitive statements regarding Jesus that are worth noting and heeding? Yes, there are and one must go to the source to find them much less apply them. What did Jesus say about Himself? Do His declarations of identity have any relevance to us today?

November 8 - The Knead for Bread

November 15 - The Claim of the Name

November 29 - Shortening the Shadows

December 6 - A Gated Community

December 13 - The Fear of Flock Fleecing

December 20 - That's Life

Movie Night at Faith

Friday, November 17 @ 6:30pm

Faith Center

Christy: the Sweetest Gift

Journey with Christy and her family as they celebrate Thanksgiving. When young Christy Huddleston (Kellie Martin) came to Cutter Gap, Tennessee to teach, she had no idea just how much she would learn. In this touching Thanksgiving drama, the poor Appalachian folk face a grim winter season when late rains ruin their autumn harvest. Undaunted, Christy vows to make sure no family goes hungry. Christy and the people of Cutter Gap rise above their trying circumstances and learn to give thanks for the blessings they do have, the most important one being with each other.

Faith Around the Fire

Chili Cook-off, Bonfire and Night of Praise

November 18, 6-8pm

Bring a chair or two and your famous chili! The rest is up to the Judges!
We will also have s'mores and and enjoy a time of worship around the bonfire.
There is no cost to attend the event, but if you would like to enter your chili into the competition,
there is a $5 entry fee. Contact the Church Office if you would like to enter.